The term investment is defined by Merriam Webster’s Dictionary as the outlay of money usually for income or profit. This would mean that you can invest your money in a number of things in order to gain a return on your investment (ROI) which can include: real estate, 401K, 403B (for the non profit workers), IRAs, stocks, businesses and the list can be endless.

Many of us have been taught to save money by reducing our spontaneous spending or by “setting aside something for a rainy day” – which is Investing 101. But very few of us have been taught to invest our income in something which is going to return a profit. With the uncertainty of Social Security benefits existing within the next twenty years or so, it is important to learn to invest now in vehicles which will provide you with an income to sustain you and your family in the future.

You may ask yourself, what can I invest in that will allow me to gain profit? My answer to you is that there are numerous vehicles out there for you to invest in. Below you will find a list of a few of these vehicles:

(1) Real Estate
(2) Stock Market
(3) Your business idea
(4) Someone else’s business idea

How much of your take home income are you investing? When should I start? How do I start? Why is investing in vehicles such as the above (in addition to others) so important? What should I do?

My advice to you is to simply educate yourself in regards to the different investment vehicles. Each vehicle has a different ROI and each vehicle has its own amount of risk. Read books on investing, go to financial info websites and speak to professionals.