Everyone has a strategy for something, some successful while other strategies experience little to no success. In the 80s and 90s Michael Jordan was a problem for every team in the NBA and many teams established a strategy of how to stop him or slow him down. At the turn of the century, Peyton Manning came onto the scene and every team in the NFL has devised some type of strategy to slow him down.

What is your strategy concerning retirement? Will you have enough money to provide for your family? Or will you need to continue to work well past the age of retirement? Well our government’s strategy for retirement seemed to have been working for the past thirty to forty years. But it also appears that their strategy (social security, Medicare and pensions from corporate America) is quickly fading and failing. It is predicted that by 2010 both social security and Medicare will be bankrupt. That is an amazing and discomforting thought being that 2010 is only three years away.

What have you done to ensure that you will be able to stop working at the age of retirement if not earlier? If you are like most people the answer is, nothing. It is not too late though, no matter the age, you are able to get on the road to financial security and independence.

In the coming entries to this blog I will share some thoughts on “righting the ship” in your life.

Until the next blog…..