Check up

I want you to think about something for a second. How do you know if the money you have authorized your employer to withhold from your check for retirement purposes is actually being invested in your retirement? Although against the law it is very possible for your employer to delay payment to your retirement account.

Let’s say your employer did make the payment to your retirement account in a timely manner. How do you know if the company holding your retirement account actually invested those funds correctly?

With the recent fall of Lehman Brothers and some of the other financial giants it is quite possible that some of your retirement funds were not invested properly and your retirement funds could be lost.

Although we trust that the financial institutions are doing the right thing, it is good to check up on them periodically. How do you do that you may ask? That is a very good question. The first line of defense is your statements showing the amount in your retirement account. The second line of defense is to sit down with a financial planner and have that professional look over your retirement assets as well. At the end of the day you don’t want to be surprised, you want to be informed. A periodic check will help you stay informed!