What is your vision for your financial future? That might be a tricky question for many people. First we must describe vision.

My definition of vision is the vantage point from where we see a particular thing or situation.

If someone were to walk out the front door of a home in a densly populated city they might see buildings, people and other housesm. But they might not be able to see much further or more than that.

If that same person were to sit on the roof of their home they would be able to see a lot further. The other thing that would happen is the object near to them will appear slightly smaller.

If the same person were to sit in a air balloon about eight hundred feet directly above his home, his line of sight would change drastically. Everything that he looks upon would appear very small.

Those of us who live for the moment are viewing our positions from the first area - the front of the house.

Those that who are able to put their gratification for a few months have a roof top view.

Those who have a long term view are those who sit high atop things and are able to see a bit more.

What perspective do you currently have about your financial future? Think about it before you answer. If you need assistance take a look at your last bank and credit card statements. What percentage of those expenses is helping to build your financial future?