Retirement Thoughts

As you probably know if you were born after 1960 the retirement age to receive for full Social Security benefits was raised to 67. What you may not know is that on average Americans live until age 78. This means on average people live about 11 years after their retirement date. So what, why is this important? It is important so you can develop a retirement plan early.

Eleven years after retirement is equivalent to 4,018 days. Let’s take that number (4,018) and multiply it by 100. This would result in 401,800. Why is this number important? I suggest that this is a good starting point for the target amount you and I will need for retirement. Does $401,800 seem like a lot of money? It would unless you begin to plan for your retirement today. As I said this number is simply a starting point for the amount you and I will actually need. Speak to your financial professional today to begin planning for your retirement.