DNA of the Rich

A recent article in Forbes entitled, “A Recipe For Riches” spoke of similarities of those on the Forbes 400 list. Forbes findings were that the following attributes were the most common amongst most of the list: (1) many of their parents had a high aptitude for number crunching, (2) many were born in the fall season, (3) many of the self made billionaires never started or finished college, (4) some on the Forbes 400 list have graduate degrees from the top three graduate schools and finally (5) many have worked for Goldman Sachs or one of its subsidiaries.

Sometimes we can look at something like this and believe that we don’t fit this criterion and can never be rich. Although the Forbes article is not stating this, it is easy for one to interpret it like this. We should interpret this by realizing that there are things about ourselves that we must improve in order to position ourselves for wealth. The recipe for wealth creation is 45% the ability to retain wealth, 35% the ability to generate revenue and 20% of the intangibles. The ability to retain wealth has to do with improvement.

The challenge for the next ten days is to identify everything that you want to change about yourself. Make a list. This could be weight loss, economic status, relationships, etc. Once identified, now it is time to select two of the items on your list. Create a plan detailing how you are going to improve these two items. Constant improvement is the key to wealth creation. Whatever we weren’t born with we can improve on, wealth is not innate.

If you need assistance with identifying what you should improve about yourself - here is a free tip – ask three or four close people to you what these areas are.