Many define vision as the ability to see something to come. In business, that definition in my opinion is very limited.

To me, vision as related to business, has a two dimensional definition: (1)the ability to look in the intangible and see something tangible; while (2) having the ability to either position oneself in a variable manner to take advantage of it or be cushioned from it.

What good is it to know what's coming without positioning yourself in a manner to be protected or to benefit from it? In business we must have this ability or bring someone on board who has this ability. You could be in an industry that is on the brink of drying up! A new invention, fraud, a new law or regulation can greatly impact any industry.

What would you do if the industry where the majority of your income comes from dried up today?

Most people unfortunately can't answer that question. Take some time to think about this.