It Just Isn’t the Same Anymore

When we look over our lives we realize that many things aren’t the same anymore. For each of us our age has changed, for some our weight has changed, money in the bank, aspirations, goals and energy level has changed. While all of this is going on one thing has changed for each of us, our money!

There used to be a time where a person who made over $100K annually would be considered to be doing relatively well. I recently read an article on that stated two important facts:

(1) Less than 20 percent of the US population produces over $100K in income annually.

(2) What $100K would buy in 1976 would now cost $381K.

These two facts are staggering. This means that prices have nearly quadrupled over the past 34 years but 80% of the US population is probably not in a position to make a significant lateral financial move due to the increase in expenses.

This is sign to you and I to really focus on two areas: (1) scrutinize our expenses and (2) work on increasing our income.