Let's Bring Financial Literacy Home

I have written several posts that have involved with becoming financially literate.  In order for any of us to ever enjoy true financial freedom we must become financially literate.  I would like to share with you a tool that I used personally to assist me become financially literate in the early days.  Would you believe it is a board game?  My wife and I along with another couple played this game many times.  It is very fun but most importantly it will begin to shape the way you think about finances.  I even use this game in my presentations on becoming financially literate.  During this Christmas season why don’t you invest in yourself and your family. 

The name of the board game is Cashflow 101.  Buy it, play it, grow financially literate and enjoy time with your friends and family.   This board game could be the start of change of your financial thinking.  

Please note the game is listed in this blog, click on the link to purchase the game.