Addicted To Sin

Most people are really tired of doing the wrong thing.  Their moral fiber is being eaten away and it hurt.  The Spirit of God is convicting their hearts and it is horrifying to them.

Sadly, when these people look for someone tot work with them to restore the moral fabric of their hearts and for the people of God to heal their hearts, they are few to find.  The Church seems to be addicted to sin.

How can I say that?

This has nothing to do with any reality show, but the tenor and tone of the preaching that is coming from the Church these days - especially the Church in America.  We don’t talk about sin and the hatred toward sin that the believer is supposed to have as mentioned in Romans 12:9.

We have coddled sin to some degree, I am guilty at times myself.  We speak harshly about the sins we feel are gross sins.  But we step lightly on the sins that we commit, as if that is going to make it better, make us feel better or is going to be overlooked by God.

Grace is preached from an angle, in may places, that suggests we can go out and do what we want and God will gladly forgive us.  Its as if there is a free pass to sin - get “tagged” - ad then return to home base again.  We no longer talk about the consequences of sin.  The fact that it is possible to escape the eternal consequences of the sin we commit, but it can cause us to waste valuable time, destroy the lives of others and cause us to deal with things that we weren’t ordained to handle.  Then after we experience this we use partial, misinterpreted verse like “He won’t give us more than we can bear”.  This is horrifying.

Data from 2009 says that 50%of Christian men and 20% of Christian women have reported being addicted to pornography.  Imagine the images that these people have to deal with.  Imagining trying to pray and being “haunted” by these images!  

We don’t talk about the sins that we commit in our minds.  God has that covered as well.  Philippians 4:8 alerts us what we should focus on.

The world is ready to come to Jesus, but the Church is ready to turn away.  No wonder the harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few.  The laborers (The Body of Christ) is asleep at the wheel.  Let’s get it together, love one another, be accountable to one another and provoke one another to good works.

The world is waiting for us.