Summer Time Money Options!

The summer season started a few days ago!  

During this season many people tend to think about going on vacation, engaging in outdoor activities, attending concerts, enjoying seasonal foods and the like. So many options right! There are also some awesome opportunities to line your pockets during the summer season even if it simply on a part time basis for the next 90 days or so.  Here are three quick ideas:


Be a Driver!

Photo by AGrigorjeva/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by AGrigorjeva/iStock / Getty Images

I am sure you have heard of ride sharing services like Uber and Lyft.  This may be a grand opportunity to began a part time gig with one of these services. In addition, there are also private executive driving services in certain areas of the United States that may need assistance.  The great thing about this driver option is you can typically do it around your summer schedule.


Use Your Skills, Become a Tutor!

Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by monkeybusinessimages/iStock / Getty Images

What skill do you have that you maybe able to teach someone?  Do you play an instrument? Do you know a particular software pretty well? Do you know a particular subject matter like the back of your hand?  If so there maybe a market for you to tutor someone.  Yes I know there is a YouTube video for everything now.  But some people still require the personal, one on one approach.  


Use Your Home!

Photo by jhorrocks/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by jhorrocks/iStock / Getty Images

So you have your summer planned already? Great! 

While looking at your summer schedule are there gaps when you and your family won't be at home?  If so why not rent your home using Airbnb?  You can list your space for free and possibly earn additional income while you and the family are away.


These three are simply a start.  I am sure if you take ten minutes to think about it more, you will discover other approaches to earning additional money this summer.  Enjoy this awesome season!


Net Worth vs Income

The difference between net worth and income is misunderstood by many people.  I hope that this blog post will bring more clarity to our understanding.

Income is simply the money a person makes from employment or other means over a given period of time.  For instance, if Bob works and earns $100,000.00 annually and earns $100.00 in interest this year from his bank accounts and another $2,000.00 from a piece of real estate he owns (after all rental expenses are paid), then Bob's annual income for the year would be $102,100.00.

Net worth is the amount by which a person's or a company's assets exceeds their or its liabilities.   So let's take another look at Bob.  He has $5,000.00 saved in his bank accounts, an investment portfolio with a market value of $25,000.00, primary residence valued at $180,000 (outstanding mortgage of $160,000.00), rental property valued at $100,000.00 (outstanding mortgage of $75,000.00), credit card debt of $4,000.00 and student loan debt of $75,000.00.  So let's figure out Bob's net worth:

Total Assets are as follows: Bank Accounts: $5,000.00, Investment Portfolio Value: $25,000.00, Primary Residence: $180,000.00,  Rental Property: $100,000.00. Bob's total assets are currently worth $310,000.00.

Total liabilities: Unpaid / Outstanding Mortgage on Primary Residence: $160,000.00, Unpaid / Outstanding Mortgage on Rental Property: $75,000.00, Credit Card Balances: $4,000.00, Student Loan Remaining Balance: $75,000.00.  Bob's total liability is currently: $314,000.00  Therefore Bob's net worth is: -$4,000.00 ($310,000.00 minus $314,000.00).

You can see that although Bob's annual income was over $100,000.00, his net worth is negative $4,000.00. A person's net worth and income is equivalent to their financial health.  The healthier a person's finances are the higher their net worth will be.  

Speaking of health, think about an individual who looks healthy but really isn't,.  Bob would be considered a person who looks healthy on the outside (annual income over $100k) but is actually not healthy right now (net worth below zero).

As times goes on Bob's financial health could increase or get worse.  The future of Bob's financial health depends on financial conditions and the financial decisions he makes in the future.  What is your net worth?.