If you are like most people who live in the Western Hemisphere you have adopted the philosophy of wanting more.  If you live in the US, probably even more so…

Have you ever been to someone home and it seems that they have everything under the sun in their home? 

Many of our lives are like that.  We have everything under the sun in our lives:

Baggage from past relationships

Hurt feelings from previous experiences

Examples set forth by our parents (both bad and good)

Experiences with our bosses, community and church leaders.

Our training (vocational, religious, life and otherwise)

Our system of beliefs

And this list can go on and on….

With this kind of clutter in our lives it is virtually impossible to add anything else.  This is why we sometimes feel over whelmed, heavily burdened, depressed at times. The thing is if we want to bring anything else into our lives we must first clear space.

This means we can’t get more of God or anything else until we remove some of the clutter.

What is it that you can rid yourself of in order to make room for God?