Stand Up For God And He Will Stand Up For You

There have been countless people the above statement applied to but lets focus on these five men for one second:

Shadreck, Meshack and Abindigo – Daniel 3:1, 4-6, 13-30

Daniel – Daniel 6:7, 10-24

Stephen – Acts 7:54-60

In each case each of these men were in a position to take a serious stand for the Lord or back down and allow a mediocre brand of Christianity (or Judaism) to continue to dominate their culture.

These men had the audacity to take a stand for the Lord in a culture that was simply anti-Christ, kind of like today’s culture.  The thing that caught my attention about each of these cases is that these men took a stand despite the consequences that were coming due to their decision.  

The three Hebrew men had to face a chamber of fire, in that chamber the Lord showed up for them and spared their lives. Daniel was thrown into a den of lions because of his stand, but the lions weren’t hungry that night and all they wanted to do was keep Daniel company - the Lord showed up for Him. Stephen’s stand seems to be a little different.  He was stoned to death, but before he closed his eyes on this life, he peered into the Heavens and Stephen sees Jesus in a very awkward position - standing at the right hand of the Father.  Stephen’s act of taking a stand got the Lord attention, so much so that He stood up to watch the audacious act of His servant.

Are we living out a mediocre brand of Christianity today or do we have the audacious ability to take a stand for the Lord in this day which is anti-Christ? The fact remains that the God who is the same yesterday, today and forever is still looking for audacious people like Daniel, like Stephen, like the three Hebrew men.  

I pray that the Church - the real Church - would take a stand for the Lord.  If we do this He will take a stand for each of us.