Don't Forget About The Kids!

I recently read an article that stated only three out of ten US parents talk to there kids about money and money related matters.  This is a major issue as we need to produce more financially responsible people.

Financial literacy is a must for our children in today's society. A few decades ago financial literacy for children meant opening a bank account, showing them how to write a check, balance a checkbook and saving. Today true financial literacy for children must be more robust as the financial health of our nation depends on it.  Remember our children will be the next leaders of our nation, which has been in financial turmoil for the past sixty years. If we dont do something soon there might not be a land of opportunity to lead.

The talk about finances with our children is just as important as the "sex talk" although many parents do not see it like that.  How do I suggest to handle talking to your children about money? I am glad you asked.

Well we need to start with the basics - teach them how to save, how to give back to help others, how to write a check and balance the checkbook.  But let's add topics to our discussions - there can't just be one discussion because the topic of money or finance is just too broad - like retirement (including the benefits and drawbacks of 401Ks and IRAs), credit, creating a budget, insurance, investing, entrepreneurship, taxes and home ownership.

If you need some help to understand how these discussions should go, don't hesitate to contact us.