A Lesson From The Grid Iron

Emmitt Smith shared one of the most valuable lessons I have ever seen from the football field several years ago. In a game against the Minnesota Vikings the running back struggled to perform like he had previously. The Vikings defense was just that good. One play after another, Smith was stuffed for a big loss or minimal gain.

Most running backs that experience what Smith did that day become frustrated. That frustration is then demonstrated outwardly. Smith didn’t complain or act out; he simply continued to do what he was supposed to do – run the football.

Smith had to deal with several elements that weren’t in his control. The first element was to get his offensive line to efficiently block their opponent. The second element was the Minnesota Viking’s defense.

Where is the lesson? After being stopped time after time, Smith continued to press. The game went into overtime. On the very first overtime play, Smith was handed the ball and exploded for a 95 yard touchdown run. What happened? Smith never gave up, never got frustrated and stuck to what he knew how to do.

The lesson that we can grasp from this football game is when we face diverse situations in business, we should continue to do what we know how to do. Continue to press, continue to work, never give up!