Are You an Entrepreneur or Entrepreneurial?

Typically we have been led to believe that being an entrepreneur is the first step in financial freedom. While reading Robert Kiyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrants, I realized that this is not the case at all. Please don’t get me wrong. Becoming an entrepreneur is a very bold move that should be commended. However, we must also understand that being an entrepreneur today many times means that you are a free worker with many more responsibilities to handle.

This post is designed to make us aware of what an entrepreneur is and to identify someone who is an entrepreneurial.

A person who is entrepreneurial is one who has a vision which reaches a little further than an entrepreneur. He or she is able to organize and manage the business. This person is also able to assume the risk of the business. Someone who is entrepreneurial does not allow the business to manage or dictate to them. An entrepreneurial mindset is one that looks to expand the business while building organizational leaders to manage the day to day operations.

It is important to decide which of these you are. Although the functions of both are similar, there is a distinct difference in the time and energy expended for each one. The entrepreneurial person will spend a lot of time developing the business model, structure and culture in the beginning of building their business. However, this person will seek to expand and identify leaders within the organization or from the outside who can manage the day to day operations, thus lightening their load a bit later on in the life of the business. The entrepreneur will always do what he or she knows best, handle to the day to day operations. Sometimes entrepreneurs can suffer from health issues as they put in very long hours, deal with consumer pressure and get very little rest or down time.