What is it that you are called to do?  This is a popular question in many church circles, but it is a questions that so often doesn’t get a direct answer. I hope this helps.

Calling is two fold.  First calling is what one has committed to when they adopt a life of faith in Jesus Christ.  Therefore there are certain things because of that which we adopt. For instance what falls onto this list is being holy because God is holy (1 Peter 1:16), the putting away, nullifying, destroying the works of the flesh and live in the Spirit (Romans 8:13), not conforming to the world or its system but have a different mindset (Romans 12:1-2), being Christlike (Philippians 2:5) and reaching the world with the gospel of Christ (Matthew 28:19).  There is obviously a lot more that can be added to that list, but I will stop there for now.  As believer, part of the Body, we are called to adopt this nature and Christ gives us the power to do so.

The second level of calling is what is that God called me to do.  I must submit that it is difficult (impossible) to truly live out this area of calling if we don’t address and practice the first level.  That was a sidebar, back to the subject….

So the second level of calling addresses what is it that you were designed by God to do here on Earth?  For some people this becomes clear immediately but for others it is not so easy.  Here is a way to find out what were you divinely created to do:

1. Pray and ask the Lord to reveal this divine call to you.

2. Access areas that you are good in.

3. Allow others, that you trust, to access the same.

4. Find out what motivates or drives you.

5. List the top 1 - 3 areas where you see a need that drives you to want to help.

6. Continue to practice the first level of calling.

In due time what you were called to do will be very apparent to you.  

One more thing, whatever it is may not be an easy task, in fact it never usually is.  But that area for you is enjoyable despite the difficulties.  It is a place (some call it a zone) that you might say to yourself “wow I could do this all day if I were able to and I’d do it for free.”  

Practice the first level of calling and discover the second level!