The Enemies of Your Wealth

In life there are always opposition, in like manner while you and I are building wealth, we face oppositions called, “The Six Enemies.”

The first enemy is bad relationships. These relationships rob us of our time and precious energy. In some cases many are robbed of more than that. My advice is to select your relationships wisely. Spend less time with people who have a different mindset than you. They will only deplete your strength.

The second enemy is bad health. I am a fan of Jim Kramer. The following is an excerpt from a blog he recently posted. He states “One illness, a couple of hospital visits – they can destroy the capital you have.” This is very true. Let’s stay as healthy as we possibly can.

The third enemy is poor information. We must do our due diligence when it comes to building wealth. Check the opportunity, the investment, the asset meticulously – whatever it is. We want to ensure that the vehicles we select to drive our wealth building are conducive to the current financial environment. I am not saying to become overly anxious, simply explore your options.

The fourth enemy is lack of personal development. Everyday there must be time set aside to engage in personal development. Read a book or listen to a CD. This allows for the mind to focus on success or sets the atmosphere for success. If we don’t do this the negativity of the world around us will interrupt success every time. Personal development also defeats the fear factor in our lives.

The fifth enemy is the lack of a guide or coach. We all need someone to assist us navigate the mountain of success. I suggest that you select a coach or a guide. Yes you may have heard stories where some have found success on their own. Far more however used a coach or a guide or a team to experience success.

If you are seeking a success coach or guide send an email to for assistance.