What Should Be The Response To Fergerson?

Everyone has an opinion on what should be done as a response to the decision recently made in Ferguson.  The question is what is the right response?  What action will be safe for the protesters while still getting the message across?

I have heard people planning to boycott the retail industry on “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.  I am not saying this isn’t a good idea, but I don’t believe this is enough.  The assumption is that this boycott idea is entrenched in the Dr. King led boycott of the Montgomery bus company in the late 1950s.  If so I would like to bring to your attention that the Dr. King led boycott lasted for more than a year.  So two days, although huge revenue generating days really won’t work.  The “boycott” would need to be longer in order to have any impact.

Some want to resort to violence as a response to the Ferguson situation.  Violence is never the answer, in my opinion. That is war that the “people” will not win.  Yes executing vengeance and “blowing off steam” might feel good for the time, it doesn’t do anything to serve as a response.  Violence just gives birth to more violence, therefore poking holes in any legitimate response that will lead to change.

I believe what should happen is community leaders, religious leaders, working people, professionals, seniors and youth should come together and develop a strategic plan before an official response is offered.   If change is really the desired end goal, the sacrifice will be made, egos will be put “checked” and a “sit down” will occur.