Are Things Really Improving?

If you have been watching the news of late you will realize that many of the Wall Street professionals are “willing” the market upwards. Can it be said that the market is on an upturn simply because a few companies have announced profits during the first two quarters of 2009? Definitely not! There are several factors that alert us things are really not improving: (1) unemployment is still high, (2) house prices are still dropping in many markets and (3) the government is intervening in this “apparent” upswing a bit too much.

At best the upswing is artificial. It’s designed to convince the general public that it is safe to come outside and spend, spend, spend! After your family’s monthly obligations are met do you have excess income? If so it is best to invest in something that will produce income, whether short or long term. Opportunities may include a business venture or some other type of investment.

With Christmas coming, this artificial upswing will seem to be real. The goal here again is to get the public to spend money in order for the economy to turn. Be wise you’re your spending in this upcoming holiday season.