What you need to know about your network marketing income

Many people these days are apart of at least one network marketing company. This article is not meant to discuss which of these opportunities is the best, but it is to speak about the income derived from network marketing.

If you are in network marketing and you are serious about your business, it is important that you continue to read this blog.

Networking marketing companies do not give this level of information because it is not there specialty, but I will alert you of this right now. If you are serious about your network marketing business, even if you aren’t making your desired income right now, you need to incorporate. That’s right, you need to INCORPORATE ASAP!

Why you might ask? There are three major reasons why:

(1) As an independent business associate, or a sole proprietor, your net income from network
marketing is subjected to self employment taxes. Self employment tax comprises Social
Security and Medicare that you are liable for if your net income from network marketing is
over $400 annual. A corporation is not subjected to the self employment tax.

(2) There are several deductions that you are able to take as a corporate entity that you may
not be able to take as a sole proprietorship.

(3) Many of the top earners in your network marketing companies are utilizing this same
strategy, you just don’t know about it.

There are other reasons as well. If you are interested in forming a corporate entity send an email to info@mrbizcoach.com and some from our staff will assist you with this process.