The Close of The Age

Don’t you find it interesting as we crack open the last chapter of the Scriptures - the book of Revelation - that there is a specific attention to detail as the end of the age as we know it approaches.  Why do you think that is the case?  Could it be that this is Christ’s final loving attempt to reconcile mankind to Himself before the end of the age as we know it?  

Let take a look, starting at Revelation 2. There are seven churches that are admonished to get some things together before they are cut off.  


They were admonished for their hard work, perserverance, no tolerance for wicked men, astitue enough in the Word to detect false teaching, suffered for the name of Christ.  The one issue they had is that they have forsaken your first love.


Told to prepare for the coming hardships


They were diligent and faithful but they have some people that are holding on to, believing and governing their lives by, maybe even trying to pass along to others, teachings that are contrary to the Word of God.


They are admonished for their faith, love, service and perseverance but they have allowed people to teach things that are misleading the people of God, causing them to commit sexual immortality and disregard the things of God.


Something seems to be inconsistent.  They are accussed of being alive but actually they are dead - hypocritical.  They are warned to strengthen what remains and to remember what they received and heard.  With that they are told to do two things: remember what they received and repent.


They seem to have faced a lot of adversity and there seems to be more to come.  They have little strength but were persistent to keep the Lord’s word and to honor His name.  


They are accused of being lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - because of this they will be dealt with severely.  They had becoeme proud that they were rich, wealthy and not in need of anything.  In fact they are are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked. Although this is the case, the Lord has provided a solution for their poverty, nakedness and blindness.  If they follow the counsel of the Lord and repent they will be fine, if not they will suffer the consequences. 

Although we are in the age of grace we must be careful to pay attention to the word of God.  We must live our lives in a way that is careful and pleasing to the Lord.