Buyer Beware

The Internet has allowed each of us to have a tremendous amount of information at our fingertips. We are also bombarded with opportunities to make money: working from home, be an Internet marketer, do nothing and get paid, etc. While each of these might be true, buried in all of the real legitimate opportunities lies some traps.

Here are five ways to recognize the traps in the midst of legitimate opportunities. Beware of:

(a) The company requests your resume and a picture – what does your picture have to do with anything?

(b) The company has success stories but when you Google the companies name you can’t find any other information about them – people normally blog about great companies, so you should be able to find some information out there about a given company.

(c) The company doesn’t have a website – if they are making that much of a difference shouldn’t they have a website?

(d) The company says “we want you to collect the money for us” – these are usually illegal operations, be careful.

(e) The company promises that you will make a truck load of money but never discloses its product or service – a business with no product or service is usually a scam, beware! Remember good companies always under promise and over deliver.

In searching for income opportunities please do some due diligence by checking to see if any of these five concepts are true.