The Success Addict

There are a number of addictions that we all can admit to or deny.  Some of these addictions are visible while some others are covert and very hard to detect to those on the outside and even to the addict themselves. One of these addictions is success.

Now of course there is nothing wrong with success but there is something wrong with the addiction to success.  Every addiction has at least three things in common: an addict, a supplier and the supply.  In the addiction the addict can be you or I, the supply is “success” and the supplier varies based on what our goals are.  Therefore success can look differently for two different people.  Success for one could be a debt free life, a nice moderate home, good marriage and a few children.  While success for another could be a multi million dollar home, homes in other parts of the world and a huge bank account.

Success addicts feed into what the popular model of success is and do everything they can to obtain that model.  In many cases if you are reaching for a model that you did not really imagine on your own then you probably are going to have a lot of stress getting there.  You might even lose your family or your life trying to attain this model.

The danger in this is that no person can sell you the model of what success is.  In fact you are the only one who can determine what success is for you.  Others can stress the borders of your imagination but only with your permission.  Here is your challenge. Pick up a dictionary and look up the word success to see what you come up with.

Set measurable goals, plan aggressively and work passionately to accomplish these goals. Don’t be a success addict but focus on what success means for you and your family and then do it – be successful!