Can You Swim?

When I was a teenager I nearly drowned in a pool. I knew I couldn’t swim very well, to be honest, I couldn’t swim at all.

The pole had a rope that separated the deep end from the shallow end so that summer I always stayed on the shallow end of the pool. The shallow end went from three feet to five feet. On the deep side of the pool the notation were six feet, eight feet and then 12 feet.

One day while playing a game in the pool, I ventured out from the three foot marker just beyond the five foot marker. Because the game so was exciting and my head was still above water; I continued to venture further onto the deep side of the pool. Now remember I can’t swim!

All of a sudden I began to drown. On my very next step past the five foot marker I no longer felt the pool base under my feet. Instead I began to plunge to the bottom, as if I stepped off a cliff. It was very scary because I was just above water and in an instant drowning. Thankfully someone came to assist me.

This is what I believe has happened to many with their debt. When they initially purchased the home, the car or obtained the credit card everything was fine, the debt was able to be maintained. Then some ventured out a little more and added another supposed asset without adding any more income and the next thing you know, you are in over your head. Do not allow your emotion to overshadow wise decisions.

The next time you are in a position to obtain anymore debt, ask yourself can you swim?