The Age of Terrorism

Terrorism officially was experienced by many Americans seven years ago on this very day. September 11, 2001 was a terrible day for many Americans, some lost family members, and friends while others were never the same after this tragic day. On that day, America entered what I’d like to coin as “The Age of Terrorism in the US”.

Never before did we have to take as many precautions entering a plane, building or opening something as simple as a bank account. Although The Age of Terrorism placed many of us in awkward positions, there were a multitude of individuals who have benefited from this new age. Think about all of the security and technology oriented companies that begin to sprout up after September 11th. The security / technology industry is a multi billion dollar industry (even if you exclude giants like Google and Microsoft).
What does that mean for you and I? Markets are constantly changing due to circumstances that are some times beyond our control. We have to be ready for these shifts and be able to take advantage of such shifts.

A good business person will get himself or herself into position to take advantage of shifting markets. Are you in a position to take advantage of shifting markets or are you stuck in what you are currently doing?

Take some time to contemplate the following:

Are you using your “downtime” to increase your knowledge of a particular area?
Are you saving some reserves to be in a position to take advantage of potential shifts?
Are you keeping your eye on the state of the economy or educational system?
Have you assessed your skills to see how they match up with the way the market is currently going?
What are you currently doing to make yourself better?

There will be more shifts in needs to come, will you be ready?