Underutilized is a term not heard very often in the American market, however many times it is actually a great observation of many families and entrepreneurs! What does it mean? The term simply refers to something that has failed to be utilized fully. Let’s think about that for a second!

Recently, I heard a story about a real estate deal gone wrong. Nothing new to those of us who keep our ears to the ground, right? Nonetheless, now the building is in limbo as there is a substantial amount of money of money due on a note. While listening to this story my question was simply, is the building being utilized to its optimum capacity? After a few minutes of quiet thought the reply was, “no”.

Like this story, many of us have underutilized our business opportunities and are suffering because of it. There are some very creative ways to generate revenue that probably escapes you now. One of my success mentors says, “sometimes you have to slow down in order to speed up”. Could it be, as an entrepreneur or potential entrepreneur you are going so fast that you are missing other opportunities? Maybe you think that you have too much on your plate and let other opportunities pass you by? Take some time to think about this!

Whatever the case, allow me to assist you with identifying opportunities and create new streams of revenue for your family. Send an email to me at info@frederickotowles.com and I will assist you with this. Don’t let another opportunity or hidden revenue stream pass you by.