A Turning Point In Business: An Effective Online Presence

According to the U.S. Census Bureau report released in May 2011, the total US e-commerce sales in 2009 were over $145 billion dollars.  This equated to just about 4% of the entire retail industry but it is a key indicator that having an online presence is the way to go.  Being that this is the case I communicated with the CEOs of two cutting edge companies that deal with businesses obtaining an online presence JC Brillant of EyeBottonLine.com Business Development Group Inc and Richard Bonilla of Feedcast Media Group Inc.

EyeBottomLine.com is a company which producing cutting edge websites for business and Feedcast Media is a company which has developed a unique and cutting edge system which enables companies of any size to engage in an effective social media advertising campaign.  These two gentlemen were asked five questions that I felt were important to an up and coming business or a business that has been around some time.

Why is it important for a business to have a presence online?

JC: “All businesses in this day and age need to have an online presence in order to compete and reach their customer base. That business can be anything from a street cart to a barbershop to an auto repair establishment, ALL businesses need to be online to give their potential clients information regarding what they are doing, what product or service is being offered and how the business can be contacted.”

Richard: “Why should a business have a telephone number? Because it is important, it provides a point of communication with the client. And in business communication with the client is everything.  This is the same reason that every business needs a web presence. The world is online and if you aren’t online you are at least twenty years behind your competitor.”

What are some things you would suggest to a company seeking to get exposure?

JC: “All forms of advertising are a must, however it depends on your budget as to what you can afford.  The most reasonable routes of exposure are business cards, flyers and social networking.  These can all be done at a minimal cost and each minimal time constraints.”

Richard: “Social media is probably one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to get exposure online. With persistency and consistency you can beat your competition and be able to touch your customer base.  You can interact with them (the client) and learn about them in real time.  Social media also amplifies your business.  You need a few connectors – people with influence – to speak highly about your business and then momentum starts.”

What are some things a business owner should avoid when seeking exposure online?

JC: “Like any advertising tool….stay away from marketing to the wrong people.  Don’t over exhaust yourself with flooding the social networking sites if you’re not fine tuning who your clientele is and only marketing to them.  It’s easy to say everybody is my client but best practices suggest you market to your clients and your clients only, the rest will follow upon good reviews and references.”

Richard: “Don’t go cheap. Invest in a web design company and social media company that will best represent your company. Find a company that has experience in working with your industry and a track record. That is the best use of your time. I have seen numerous times owners destroying their image because they went cheap or did it themselves. Allow a professional to help your company.”

In your experience, what are two of the most common things that you hear business owners saying about getting exposure online, whether bad or good?

JC: “The first I usually hear being a web developer is I don’t know anything about computers or the web, I never use it.  The other is ‘how do I make money on the web?’  ‘I always hear on television people getting rich from the internet I want to do that.’ 

The quickest answer to those questions starting with the second is those people make money from either selling a product or if you’re talking about the people with click troughs they have something on their site people are attracted to. In addition they have a lot of traffic and have advertisers or affiliate banners on their site.  As far as my answer to the first issue - not knowing anything about computers - my answer is simply ‘technology is the way of the future… jump on board and catch up!’

Richard: “I hear that they can do it themselves or they can hire an intern to do it. Both are bad mistakes. Just because anyone can create a Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare or LinkedIn account doesn’t mean that they can effectively market a company that way.  There are many people out here that can use a knife to cut but does that make them a surgeon? Go with a professional and you won’t go wrong!”

One final question on what your company can bring to a newly established business or a company looking to turn the corner to go to another level?

JC: “My company is a business development group which means we will assist you and your business from planning to inception.  We mainly focus on online solutions however we’re experienced in assisting business with developing their locations as well. “

Richard: “We specialize on bringing awareness to a brand through social media, engaging with their community to enhance awareness and monitor the brand's reputation. Simply put we worry about social media so the business owner doesn't have to.”

I would like to personally thank Mr. JC Brillant and Mr. Richard Bonilla for taking time out of their busy schedules in order to participate in this interview.  There contact information is below if you need their services:

JC Brillant                                                                
EyeBottomLine.com Development Group Inc       
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Richard Bonilla
Feedcast Media Group Inc
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