That Little Extra

It always amazes me when I read Luke 4:16-21 when the Bible speaks of Jesus entering the temple and being given Isaiah 61 to read.  Needless to say in the 30 plus generations, between the establishment of the temple and this occurrence, Isaiah 61 had to have been read several times in the temple.

What was so different about this reading and this person that was reading? Was it simply his ability to orate in a unique way? Was it the setting of the temple? Had it to do with anything relating to the times?  I would say probably not.

The difference between the reading of Isaiah 61 this time is the anointing of Jesus.  It had more to do with the time He spent in prayer and less with the times He lived in.  This is key for you and I today.

It is just that little extra that separates what we do and how we operate from that of others.  The time we spend in God’s presence being changed by Him will reflect to others in the same fashion.

Lord help us to find ourselves on your altar and allow the flames of the Holy Spirit to change us in such a way that the world will notice what you have done in us.  Give us that little extra!