Unlimited Expectations

What would happen if your mind wasn’t hindered by the things you have been taught directly and indirectly?

Remember when you were younger you thought you could conquer the world and you could do it all?  What happened to that mentality? For many of us life and people have taught us to stay inside our cage of comfort with the treat of danger if we venture out just a little bit outside the grasp of our cage.

What would happen if I mind were to shift back to those days when we were unstoppable?  When we had unlimited expectations - conquering the world, being rich, accomplishing our dreams.

Ladies and gentlemen I submit to you that you are unstoppable.  You can accomplish your dreams. You can be successful, and not moderately successful, really successful.  Don’t play down to your surroundings.  Dare to dream big, execute well and enjoy great results.

If you don’t at least make an effort to fulfill your mission in this life, you might come across someone who is doing it and you will be jealous of them.  Don’t live with any more regrets, you probably already have a bag of “I could haves” and “I should haves”. Turn up the pace, intensify the journey, go passionately after your goals, fulfill your purpose.

Romans 8:31 alerts me that if God be for us then who can be against us?  With the Lord on our side and leading the way there is no way we can lose.