The Plane, the plane!

Many of you probably remember the short gentleman on Fantasy Island that shouted, “The Plane, the plane!” That should bring back memories for many, but there is a valuable lesson about your finances in that statement.

A plane does what is should physically not be able to do. The wings of a 747 weigh 95,000 pounds. The passenger potion of the plane weighs 53,000 pounds (this does not include the weight of the passengers, flight crew and luggage). The 747 plane stands at a height of 63 feet and 8 inches, which is the equivalent to a six story building. Yet the 747 is still able to fly from destination to destination with little effort.

Big deal, you know that where is the financial lesson?

I am elated that you asked!

From time to time between destinations the plane experiences an irregular atmospheric motion which is an issue known as turbulence. Turbulence can be annoying and frightening to the passengers. The passenger may sometimes act a bit out of character but the pilot always keeps calm and attempts to find a way to fly above or below this atmospheric shift. If he can not climb from or descend out of the turbulence, he has only one option – go through it.

Right now many are going though turbulent times with their finances. In turbulent times remember the following:

Like the airplane it does not appear, on the surface, that you should fly but you have been conditioned to fly.

Remain calm the turbulence will only last for a little while longer.

Resist the urge to bail out. If the plane doesn’t fair well in turbulence how well will you fair?

Resist the urge to act out of your character although those around you are doing so.

You can succeed in turbulent times.