A Life Lesson From The Hudson

I am a believer that a lesson or insight can be retrieved from just about anything.  This past week in NYC a plane crashed in the Hudson River moments after taking off from the airport.  The cause of this crash is reported to be birds, geese to be specific.  Almost 200 passengers were at risk. Where is the lesson in that?

It is the small things that can interrupt and even stop your progress.  The plane out weights the flock of geese and the plane is much bigger.  But when the plane is launched it is subjected to almost everything because the pressurized cabin makes it "lighter than air" enabling this metal monster to maneuver through the air. You and I must realize when we are launching out to reach our goals that there are some small things that can hinder us.  

Who would have though a flock of geese would be responsible for a commercial jet to crash? No one.  The lesson be very aware of the small stuff in your air space.  It might make the difference between success and failure.  The small stuff matters.  

What small stuff in your business have you left unattended?  What small stuff in pursuing your goals has been neglected?