Investing In a Turbulent Market

Brokers are begging you to leave your money in their suggested funds or investment instrument. Financial planners advise you not to take your out of the market. Fear of losing every dime you invested runs through your mind. What is the best advice when looking to invest in a turbulent market? The best advice in my opinion is to invest together.

This is the new “hedge fund”. Likeminded people should form an investment group and pool their monies together in order to get ahead in this turbulent market. Would you rather risk $100K on some investment that might bottom out and never recover or would it be better to team up with none other people that will invest $10K each in the same investment.

Investing together with likeminded people can “hedge” your money and theirs as well. Of course investing together isn’t always easy but it can be worthwhile and lucrative. In a few months I will be opening a company similar to what is stated here where likeminded people can invest and potential make some money in this turbulent market.

It is something for you to think about with your family and friends. Also be sure to seek the advice of an attorney and accountant before entering into something of this nature. Stormy weather always creates fertile ground!