A Great Christmas Gift

With Black Friday quickly approaching, I think this post is timely. The market awaits customers to bombard stores and spend money on retail items this Christmas. Many stores depend on Christmas spending because it could make a big difference on the way their financial statements look.

Don’t worry retailers. My purpose is not to advise consumers not to spend. However, I am asking that we all assess the value of our gifts. My wife and I stopped giving gifts that were of little to no value to the youth in our family. One year we purchased stock for each of our godchildren. We did this because we were trying to impart a different type of thinking in the minds of our godchildren. We need our youth to think long term.

How about this year, in addition to the new video game, doll or toy we buy our kids, we add something of long term value, too? Maybe we should purchase a few shares of stock, prices are low. Maybe it will be some thing else, but lets think long term for our children under 18.