The Greatest Fear Ever

A friend of mine tells the story of how his dad helped him overcome his greatest fear – swimming. He begins the story by describing his father as a very down to earth, straight to the point person. One day the father tells his son that he is going to teach him how to swim. So both men go down to the river where the swimming lesson would take place.

My friend did not understand why he was the only one in swimming attire because his dad was not. Since his dad was a no-nonsense person, he tells his son, “Now I am going to teach you to swim, just remember to relax.” After saying this, the dad grabs his son and throws him into the river.

Once in the river, my friend panics as he believes he is going to drown. After a few seconds he heard his father screaming from the shore “relax, just relax”. Hearing those words the young man relaxed and began to float, or realized that he could float.

The next step was for the young man to develop the swimming technique. For this step his dad came into the river and showed him how to swim.

The young man first had to overcome his fear of the water. He was not afraid to swim; he was frightened by the uncertainty of what would happen once he was in the water, a new environment. Many of us see starting a business in the same manner because we are so uncertain of what will happen when we get into the business.

This is why I believe network marketing is the best business to start off in for anyone who is a bit frightened about business. Your sponsor will throw you into the business and allow you to realize that you can actually do this business. Then your sponsor will get in with you and show you how to navigate the business.

So my challenge to those who are afraid of starting a business of their own is to jump in, relax and know that your sponsor will help you swim. For assistance to find the right network marketing for you please contact me at