Merriam Webster’s Dictionary gives various meanings for the word perspective: (1) a visible scene, especially one giving a distinctive impression of distance, (2) a mental view or prospect and (3) the appearance to the eye of objects in respect to their relative distance and positions.

I learned a lesson in perspective while driving one day. About a year ago, I rented an SUV while my car was being repaired. While driving the SUV I noticed navigating the roads became easier. Since the SUV was in an elevated position as compared to my car, I was able to observe the traffic from a different viewpoint. The person moving slowly in front of me was doing so not because of the traffic in front of him but because he was using his cell phone.

Once my car was repaired I realized that by sitting at a slightly lower position my ability to see in the manner I did while in the SUV was changed. Many times it is our perspective on a business venture, life situation, etc. that makes each of us respond differently.

I always wondered how two people of equal educational or cultural backgrounds and experiences could respond differently to an opportunity. What makes one see the advantage of an opportunity and the other person not? The answer is our perspective. From what angle are they seeing the opportunity?

In order to be successful in business, relationships, and any other areas of life we must examine our perspective. Do you notice a pattern in your life of bad relationships with those in authority? Do you notice a pattern of missed opportunity? Do you frequently begin sentences and thoughts with “I should have” or “If I would have”? These are just a few signs that there might be a need for a change in your perspective.

How does one go about changing their perspective? This does not happen overnight but will change over a period of time by being exposed to the right materials. We must read good books and listen to great audio CD’s. Eventually, if we are exposed to these resources consistently, a change in our perspective will occur. What personal development books do you have in your library? If you do not have any or you are not sure which ones to purchase, I can suggest a few, email me at