There Is Value In Your Story

Each of us has a unique story to our lives that is jam packed with experiences that were fun, traumatic, disappointing, triumphant or life altering.  It is the story of our lives that causes our lives to be valuable.  You might say, “my life, valuable, how so?”  Very good question that I am so glad you asked.  Here is how.


Every story can beneficial to someone else and some stories can be both beneficial and profitable to you.  The determining factor is you and your level of comfort in communicating the story.  I am not a physiologist by any stretch of my imagination or yours for that matter.  What I am is a person who sees opportunity everywhere.  And your story is an opportunity to benefit financially.


What is your life story?  Pick one, don’t embellish on the details, stick to the authentic story, you aren’t in Hollywood yet.  Did you have huge weight loss, overcome a depressing time in your life, or did you develop a new method to handle an issue that many deal with in life?  Whatever your story is write it down.  Do some research on the subject matter to see if there are people who have a need that you fit your story.   


Once you have determined there is a sufficient market, the next step is to determine how you will communicate your story to them.  There are several ways to communicate your story:


1.      Connect with a non-profit organization that works within the area your story is in.  Maybe ask them to share your story at some of their local events.

2.      Write about your story.  Use blog posts, social media and other mediums to communicate your story.

3.      Offer to help others to overcome the issue or situation you have overcome.


So where is the money you say?  Well option one above can potentially be turned into a public speaking career.  Option two above, especially the book, makes you an author and writing the blog, a blogger.  Option three assist you in generating income from coaching.  You see it is possible that your story can cause you to have three income streams.  And this article is simply scratching the surface.


For more information on how you can monetize your story be sure to contact me.