Thanksgiving = Giving

During this season of Thanksgiving there are three things that we should do.  We should actually do these three things throughout the year, here they are:


1. Give Thanks

It is important to give thanks for being alive, having some level of health and strength.  There is a lot more to be thankful for.  Simply think about all the things you have to be thankful for.  This will allow you to place your life in proper perspective.


2. Give Forgiveness

Forgiveness is like love, we chose to forgive.  The power to love and the power to forgive both exude out of a choice that we each have the ability to make.  Unfortunately, life introduces you to people and situations that frustrate us at times and let us down.  You and I must decide to forgive others who have let us down or caused us some level of heartbreak.  We must also learn to forgive ourselves for bad decisions we have made.  Today decide to forgive others and yourself.


3. Give Generously

Generosity is the back bone of society or at least it used to be.  We should give generously to those in need.  Doing this gives us a sense of accomplishment unlike anything else.  Remember to give generously!