Back in high school the basketball coach taught us that a uncontested shot has about an 80% chance of going in the hoop.  But when a shot is contested, the percentage is cut in half- 40% or less.  We were taught not to try to block every shot but to contest, put a hand in the face of the shooter.


This lesson translates well into life.  There are a number of things that God has placed in each of us.  Some to start a business, others to take on huge community service efforts, others to enter into politics, etc.  Whatever the God-ordained dream is, you and I must understand that our efforts, thoughts, finances for this dream will be contested by others and the devil himself.


When your dream is contested here are three things that you can do to counteract the opposition:

1. Stay focused on the goal - the desire of our adversary  is to cause you and I to make "snap" ad quick decisions that will cause us to stop moving forward.  Don't do it.  Stick to the game-plan and continue to push.

2. Relax - at the end of the day if it is a God-ordained dream all you and I have to do is obey.  Remember whose you are, remember your training and remember Philippians 1:6.

3. Pray - our greatest weapon against our adversary is prayer.  Be sure to consult God for guidance on what to do in situations when you are being contested.