What's Trending?

On my Twitter feed I’m able to see what trending at a particular moment during the day. These are the top things that everyone (or a great majority) in the Twitter universe are speaking on.

While this news may not be pertinent to everyone it does show you what everyone is talking about and is showing some focus on. The question is was is trending in your live today? What is it that you are most concerned about? What is it that is getting the most attention in your life?

Life presents thousands of scenarios and stories for each of us every day. But what are the top three concerns in your life right now? That is what’s trending in your life. How long have those things been trending?

Here is something I learned a long time ago. Whatever you focus on and give your attention to is the very thing that governs your life. If the top three trending items in your life are not making you better in someway, it is time to refocus your thinking. If those top three continually cause depression it is time to refocus.

What trending in your life?